Israel needs to choose who it is with and start helping Ukraine - Zelensky

19:28 24 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian leader urged Israel to decide who he is with and start helping Ukraine.

Zelensky announced this at a speech to the participants of the Haaretz Democracy Summit.
"I sincerely thank you (Israel - ed.) for the Democracy Award, which you recognized our struggle. But isn't it time for your state to choose with whom you are? With a democratic world that fights side by side against an existential threat to its existence? Or with those who turn a blind eye to Russian terror even when the cost of continuing terror is the complete destruction of global security?" Zelensky said.
Zelensky expressed confidence that Israel will give fair answers to his question, since it is not about politics, but about values.

He also recalled that a number of partners are already helping or can help protect the Ukrainian sky.. But Israel is not among these partners. Zelensky added that Ukraine has been asking Israel for help since 2014.

He stressed that the Ukrainians will not give up their struggle, because they want "simple and understandable things: to liberate their land, guarantee the security of their people, give peace to Ukrainians."

The President expressed confidence that Ukrainians would continue to defend and defend Ukraine and their freedom, as well as the common freedom of all democratic countries.
"I thank the people of Israel for the understanding and help, in particular the medical help that we received from your society! Thank you and all the Israeli media that spread the truth about this war. Thanks to all your people who took to the streets after the start of a full-scale war, and we saw: we are supported in the promised land. I believe that we will see support in the sky," Zelensky concluded.