Ignat: Ukrainian pilots have not yet started training on the F-16

15:23 23 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters has not yet begun. Currently, specialists are being trained for the upcoming trainings.

This information was voiced by Yuriy Ignat, the official representative of the Ukrainian Air Force.
"The process of preparing people to start this training is still underway. There are advanced groups that have traveled to countries that can provide us with sites for exercises. It is being studied how this process will go. There are no pilots in these countries yet," he said. Yuri Ignat.
The speaker of the Air Force stressed that this was not the first time he had to refute information about the training of Ukrainian pilots.
"For a long time, unfortunately, I had to refute every time that "pilots study in the USA, in Europe". Once a month (stable - ed.) such news appears and you have to dot the "i". Because there is no need to give some extra hope," Ignat said.
At the same time, Yuriy Ignat said that a number of states are ready to train Ukrainian pilots, and some to transfer fighter jets. According to him, we are talking about the United States and European countries that have armed aircraft, but want to switch to newer F-35 fighters.
“Today we have extremely good news that there is actually an aviation coalition, a number of countries will train Ukrainian pilots, some are already ready to transfer fighter jets to us.. The start has been given, there is a decision that Ukraine will have the F-16. Further already technical moments, processes. Representatives of the Air Force are constantly in contact with our partners, the moment is being studied, when and which groups will go to which countries for training and what will be the time frames," said Yuri Ignat.
The speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force added that "a large number of pilots cannot be sent to master the F-16, because someone needs to fight" and noted that at the moment the conversation with journalists is going on, risky and hard work of Ukrainian tactical aviation is going on in the Donbas.