Germany expects activation of Russian intelligence services and propaganda

18:45 17 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The German Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution said it expects an increase in Russian propaganda and espionage activities in the coming months, reports Spiegel.
"Russia is using the problems associated with the energy supply of Europe, in particular, as a hybrid lever," the ministry said.
They claim that by deliberately spreading false information about gas shortages and rising prices, an attempt is being made to fuel fears about a possible existential shortage of energy and food in Germany.
"Russian propaganda is likely to intensify in an extremist environment and fuel the narrative of a conspiracy to drive a wedge in our society," the Constitutional Defense Service said in a statement.
It is also to be expected that the Russian state will "continue to intensify and adapt its political and military intelligence efforts," the ministry said.

According to the intelligence service, the Russian war of conquest and its impact on the economy and supply situation in Germany have a high potential for use by extremists.

It can also be seen that various actors are "increasingly focusing on this set of topics" and want to use it to mobilize supporters.. Since this concerns both right-wing and left-wing extremists, as well as enemies of the constitution, who cannot be classified into either of the two categories, a "special assessment" was created to monitor these activities, the department said.