Germany will support Ukraine as long as necessary - Scholz

09:35 27 November Kyiv, Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz considers Russia's victory in the war against Ukraine unlikely. According to him, it is already obvious that the Russian Federation will not win the war. He said this on Saturday, November 26, at the Brandenburg State Party Conference, Spiegel reports.

Scholz noted that, given the support of Ukraine from Germany, it is becoming increasingly clear that "Russia not only should not win this war, but will not win it."

He reaffirmed his promise to support Ukraine for as long as needed.. At the same time, Scholz added that he does it financially, humanitarianly and supplies the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons.

The German chancellor reiterated the importance of his meeting with the head of state and leader of the Chinese party, Xi Jinping, where both warned against the use of nuclear weapons.

Earlier, Scholz allowed the escalation of the war in Ukraine, which may consist in the destruction of infrastructure.