General Milli: Putin was defeated in all directions of the Ukrainian front

16:22 08 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure not only did not break the Ukrainians, but also increased resistance to the enemy invasion.

This was announced by the US Department of Defense, a briefing by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and the British Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin.
“Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for 10 months now, and Putin has been defeated on all fronts… But Russia still occupies part of Ukrainian territory, and there is still a significant amount of fighting ahead. But at this moment the situation is on the ground... stabilizes, and with the onset of winter, things will slow down a little due to severe frosts. There will then be a certain potential for offensive action on both sides in the depths of winter due to weather and terrain. So we'll see what happens with it," Milli said.

Milli recalled that the Ukrainian defenders repelled an enemy attack in the Kiev region, and then pushed back the Russians from Kharkov and Kherson.

Now, he said, Russia is attacking the civilian population of Ukraine by firing missiles at the energy infrastructure.
"This is an attack on the civilian population of Ukraine... The Ukrainian military does not depend on this energy infrastructure for military operations... They are trying to break the backbone, break the will of the Ukrainian people. You will see that this will not break the backbone, but will increase the level of resilience and resistance on the part of the Ukrainian people," he added.
Milley also called Russia's rocket attacks "absolutely unacceptable."

Radakin noted that Russian rocket attacks are absolutely ineffective: "This is an existential conflict for Ukraine, ... the cruelty of this fuels even greater determination of the Ukrainian people. You see it every day."

According to the admiral, illegal attacks also strengthen the resolve of countries that support Ukraine.

Neither Milli nor Radakin set a time frame for the war in Ukraine, but both said their countries would support Ukraine for as long as needed..

According to Radakin, "Russia made a catastrophic mistake" because the attack on Ukraine not only activated Ukrainian resistance. It provoked a "phenomenal reaction" from countries around the world.