Finland and Sweden complete NATO membership talks

20:10 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Negotiations on joining the alliance between Sweden and Finland ended at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Tomorrow, July 5, the alliance allies will sign protocols on the accession of these two countries to NATO.
This is stated in the statement of the alliance spread in Brussels.
"Finland and Sweden completed negotiations on July 4 to join NATO in accordance with the agreement at the NATO summit in Madrid [June 28-30]. Both countries have officially confirmed their desire and ability to fulfill the political, legal and military obligations stipulated by NATO membership.
Recall that on May 18, Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO, the reason for this decision was the Russian invasion of Ukraine.. However, Turkey slowed down the beginning of the accession of these two countries to the Alliance. The issue was resolved at the NATO summit in Madrid, where Sweden, Finland and Turkey signed a security memorandum at which the countries agreed to intensify the fight against terrorism, including measures against the PKK banned in Turkey.