The European Commission allocates 500 million euros to support the production of ammunition in the EU

19:36 03 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The European Commission (EC) has adopted a legislative proposal to support the production of ammunition by European industry.

It is planned to allocate 500 million euros for urgent supplies of shells and missiles to Ukraine, as well as replenishment of stocks of EU member states.

The main goal of the law is to increase the EU's production capacity to solve the problem of shortages of ammunition and missiles, as well as their components.

According to the document, the European Commission will allocate 500 million euros for these purposes through the redistribution of various instruments, including the European Defense Fund and the future EDIRPA regulation..

The proposal includes a financial support tool for strengthening the EU's industrial capacity for the production of relevant defense products, a mechanism for analyzing and monitoring the presence of bottlenecks in supply chains, as well as the introduction of an interim regulatory framework to address the shortage of ammunition.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stressed that the build-up of defense industrial capacity across the European Union is a critical part of Europe's strategic ability to protect its interests and values and help maintain peace on the continent.

The European Commission expects the rapid adoption of the regulation - before the summer of 2023. Financial support will be provided in the form of grants for various activities that contribute to the efforts of the European defense industry to increase its production capacity and eliminate identified bottlenecks.. The new proposal will be submitted to the European Parliament for consideration.