Estonia will make a formal proposal to the EC on the introduction of the 8th package of sanctions against Russia

19:54 19 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Estonia intends to make a formal proposal to the European Commission (EC) for the introduction of the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, which will include extended restrictive measures.
Estonia wants the eighth package of sanctions to include restrictive measures affecting the economic, energy and trade sectors. In addition, Estonia wants to add restrictions for additional individuals and organizations.

Estonia also would like the sanctions to be widely applied to the trips of Russian citizens to Europe.

Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu stressed that Tallinn will seek political consensus throughout the Schengen visa area in order to impose additional sanctions against Russian citizens, as Estonia itself did on August 18.
"As foreign minister, I call on the governments of other European countries to introduce additional internal sanctions to stop the travel of citizens of the aggressor state of Russia to Europe and work together to close the Schengen visa zone for Russian citizens," he stressed.
Since the beginning of Russia's large-scale war against Ukraine, Estonia and the European Union have imposed various sanctions against Russia. To date, seven packages of sanctions have already been introduced, the purpose of which is to completely paralyze the Russian economy and make it impossible to finance the war.