Does Russia have legal grounds for being in the UN or how to terminate Russia's membership in the UN

20:16 17 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The United Nations, created to prevent all kinds of wars, still includes Russia, which has violated all charters, all laws, all agreements within this organization.

According to the lawyer and co-founder of the Initiative Group "Down with Russia from the UN" Maxim Baryshnikov, the terrorist state of Russia has no legal grounds for being in the United Nations. After all, Russia is not a founding country of the organization and has not gone through the procedure of joining it, which means that it has no legal grounds to be considered a member.

Maxim Baryshnikov focuses on the fact that Russia became a member of the UN on the basis of a fake letter that Boris Yeltsin wrote on December 24, 1991 to the then UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellara, in which the state was named differently three times. In this letter, Yeltsin turned to the Secretary General on the basis of the mythological "Alma-Ata papers", the legal meaning of which no one studied in detail, with a request to fill a seat in the UN and the Security Council of the former USSR.

Baryshnikov recalls that there are several ways to remove Russia from the UN - through the decision of the International Court of Justice or through procedural means - during the annual confirmation of the participation of countries in the General Assembly. The relevant UN bodies may not approve the credentials of the Russian delegation, since there are no documents, at least public ones, confirming its membership.
“Since the Russian Federation has never acquired, according to the procedure defined in Articles 3,4,110 of the UN Charter, the status of a member state of this organization, there can be no talk of excluding the Russian Federation. We only want the UN member states to recognize the obvious fact - the absence of any powers of the Russian Federation as the founder of this organization. For the UN to stop the access of Russian representatives due to non-confirmation of authority. In particular, delegations from the Russian Federation in the activities of all the working bodies of the UN. And, perhaps, in the most important of them in the UN Security Council,” Baryshnikov said.
And Article 23 of the UN Charter does not contain any reference to Russia as a permanent member of such a Security Council. And here it should be recalled that even the UN Charter has never been ratified by the Russian Federation.

The Soviet Union and the Ukrainian SSR ratified this Charter in 1945, the Russian Federation never did this.. It just all happened in 1991 by replacing the plate with the inscription of the USSR on the plate with the inscription "Russian Federation".

Consequently, there can be no question of any exclusion of the Russian Federation from the UN, they just need to be thrown out as those who are absolutely groundlessly located there among the member countries.

In addition, according to Thomas Grant, an authoritative international lawyer, a professor at the University of Cambridge and a member of the “Public Hub” initiative group, neither the Russian Federation nor Belarus meets the above criteria for membership in the UN, since the latter helps and assists Russia in its aggression against Ukraine and thereby discredited myself.

Thus, Ukraine is the only initial member of the UN that remained true to the principles of the organization and was part of the USSR. Therefore, it is Ukraine, and not the Russian Federation or Belarus, that has serious claims to membership in the UN Security Council instead of the USSR.

The initiative group "Public Hub", which includes experts in international law and foreign policy experts, created an international petition Kick Russia out of the UN! (“Down with Russia with the UN!”, hashtag #unrussiaUN) on the platform, demanding that UN Secretary-General António Guterres provide documents certifying the legal grounds for Russia's membership in the UN. In the absence of such documents, the petition contains a demand to stop the fictitious membership of Russia in the UN.

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