Experts commented and discussed a possible attack of the Russian army on Ukraine from Belarus

11:27 29 December Kyiv, Ukraine

A round table was held at Ukrinform, where political experts discussed the possibility of a new Russian offensive against Ukraine from the territory of Lukashenka's Belarus.

Belarusians will be "cannon fodder" or policemen

Opening the discussion, the head of the NGO "Agency for the Development of Democracy and Information Freedoms" Yuriy Fedorenko noted that now there are two scenario plans for the development of events.
"One of the scenarios in Belarus is that they simply divert attention from the events that are taking place in the East of Ukraine.

Relocation of the tank army, which we practically smashed to smithereens near Kharkov. Something like maneuvers. But this is one possible scenario.

And another likely scenario is really the beginning of a large-scale campaign by Belarus."
Military personnel from Belarus can be used in the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation to carry out "stabilization measures."

This was announced by the chairman of the Free Belarus Charitable Foundation Aleksey Frantskevich.
"We have information that the Russian Federation will put pressure on Lukashenka in order to draw Belarusian soldiers into the war. We are talking about a contingent of 10-15 thousand soldiers from the Republic of Belarus, who will be brought to the already occupied territories for certain stabilization measures," he said.
According to Frantskevich, there are no prerequisites for a direct land invasion yet. According to him, the Russian Federation does not have enough troops to invade the territory of Ukraine.

Leader of the International Movement "Speak Louder!" Russian oppositionist Andrei Sidelnikov also considers a land invasion from the territory of Belarus unlikely, although he does not exclude such a possibility. The most realistic scenario, in his opinion, is the further use of the Belarusian military infrastructure by the Russian Federation.
"If, nevertheless, the offensive occurs, then the Belarusian soldiers will become" cannon fodder "for demining the territory. They will hide behind them in order to enter Ukrainian territory," he said.
Belarus is extremely important for Ukraine

The future of Belarus is very important for the future of Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the executive director of the Northern Eurasia Transformation Institute Vladimir Gorbach.
"I heard that Crimea and Belarus are pillars of the Russian Empire. I remembered the well-known phrase of Brzezinski that the Russian empire is impossible without Ukraine. As we see it is quite possible. It is also possible without Crimea and Belarus, because inside its matryoshka structure it is an empire in its internal structure and in its imperial myth.. Of course, Crimea and Belarus are outposts that are advanced in strategic directions - one to the West, the second to the southwest ...

The loss of Crimea by the Russian Federation will mean a serious blow to the political regime of the Russian Federation. But this does not guarantee that the Russian empire will fall. She will simply return to the borders of the Russian Federation for 1991. And Belarus is a strategically important country, nation and direction for us. And there is no end to the work there for us. Once the Polish intellectual Jerzy Giedroyts said that: "Without an independent Ukraine, an independent Poland is impossible". But if I were a Ukrainian Giedroyets, I would say that "Without a free Belarus, there will be no peace in Ukraine from the Russian threat," Gorbach said.