Former Commander-in-Chief of the US Army in Europe: with proper support, Ukraine will return Crimea in 2023

14:26 09 September Kyiv, Ukraine

As Ukrainian precision-guided missiles continue to bombard Russian supply routes to Kherson in the south, and Ukrainian ground forces make headway in northern Kharkiv region, there is growing optimism that the Russo-Ukrainian war will eventually end in a complete military victory for Kyiv.
This was stated by General Ben Hodges, former commander of the United States Army in Europe.
"Ukrainians saved their country and created the conditions under which they can restore full sovereignty. The Ukrainian army will be able to win a complete victory in the war with Russia if Western countries begin to provide real material and moral support to Kyiv. In this case, the Ukrainians will take control of all their territories, including Crimea, in 2023," Hodges said.
Hodges noted that six months after the start of the invasion, Russia was able to occupy only 20% of the territory of Ukraine, and the offensive capabilities of Russian troops had almost dried up.

The former commander-in-chief added that the United States needs to provide the Ukrainian military with the weapons and in the quantities that they request.
“The only number that matters is the percentage of requirements closed. I would like to hear that we [the US] have supplied 80% of what Ukraine needs to defeat Russia and reclaim its territory, and we are working on the other 20%,” the retired lieutenant general concluded.