EC sent a tranche of 3 billion euros to Ukraine

14:37 17 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine received the first tranche of 3 billion euros from the 18 billion euros macro-financial assistance package from the European Commission. This was reported on the EC website on Tuesday, January 17.
“Supporting Ukraine to meet its funding needs in the face of Russian aggression is of the utmost importance and urgency. Today’s disbursement of the first €3 billion of up to €18 billion of macro-financial support agreed in December shows that the Commission is acting with maximum speed and determination " said EU President Ursula von der Leyen.
Credit funds are allocated on preferential terms for a period of 35 years with payments starting from 2033. At the same time, as a sign of solidarity, the EU also proposed covering Ukraine's expenses at interest rates through additional payments from member states to the EU budget.

Future payments to Ukraine of EUR 1.5 billion per month will continue from March and will be subject to satisfactory progress in meeting the agreed conditions, as well as continued compliance with reporting requirements.

It is indicated that the total amount of financial and military assistance of the EU countries to the Ukrainian people by the end of 2023 will reach 49 billion euros since the beginning of the war unleashed by Russia.