The EC announced the seventh package of sanctions against Russia

17:14 15 July Kyiv, Ukraine

On Friday, the European Commission announced the seventh package of anti-Russian sanctions, among the proposed measures - an embargo on gold and an expansion of the ban on technology exports to Russia.

This is stated in the statement of the European Commission.
"Today, the European Commission approved a joint proposal for a new package of measures to maintain and strengthen the effectiveness of six large-scale and unprecedented packages of EU sanctions against Russia," the EC said.
Thus, the seventh sanctions package will be aimed at harmonizing and clarifying the measures provided for by previous packages, and at harmonizing measures among all partner countries, in particular the G7.

The European Commission also proposes to extend the sanctions until January 2023, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.. At the end of January, there will be a review of the timing and measures.

In addition, new sanctions are proposed to ban the import of Russian gold and at the same time strengthen control over the export of dual-use goods and advanced technologies.. The EC believes that this will aggravate the consistency of EU sanctions with those of G7 partners and tighten reporting requirements in order to intensify the freezing of Russian assets by EU countries.

EU sanctions will not affect trade in agricultural products between third countries and Russia, stressed in the EU.