Special tribunal to punish Russia should be created - Zelensky

09:14 22 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The President of Ukraine demands the creation of a Special Tribunal to punish the Russian Federation for the crime of aggression.

Zelensky announced this at the UN General Assembly.
"A special tribunal should be created to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against our state. This will be a signal to all "potential" aggressors that they must value peace or be responsible to the world.. We have prepared clear steps for the creation of such a tribunal," the appeal says.
It is noted that Ukraine will appeal to the UN General Assembly to create a compensation mechanism, since Russia must pay with its assets.

In addition, Zelenskiy outlined five points of a formula that he says punishes crime, protects life, restores security and territorial integrity, guarantees security, and ensures resolve:
  • Punishment for the crime of aggression, for violation of borders and territorial integrity, which must remain in force until the internationally recognized border is restored and aggression ceases, until full compensation for damages and losses for the war. We are talking about sanctions, blocking trade and relations with the aggressor, denial of the right to vote, the right to delegate, the right to veto. It is also necessary to apply a full package of personal restrictions against propagandists and not allow citizens of the aggressor state to enjoy tourism or shopping in the territory of those who value peace, but to encourage visa restrictions to fight against aggression.

  • Life protection. Zelensky said that in order to protect the lives of Ukrainians, Ukraine needs help, in particular weapons, equipment and shells, as well as financial support.

  • Ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to Zelensky, it is necessary to get rid of the main factor of global turbulence - pricing, namely the energy blackmail of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to limit prices.

  • Security guarantees for Ukraine. It is noted that there are proposals to update the security architecture for the world, which will not allow more aggression against Ukraine, and these proposals are already being presented to partners. These are legally binding multilateral and bilateral treaties.

  • The determination to fight and the determination of the world to defend.
Zelensky added that what is not in the formula is neutrality.