Electricity shortage in Kyiv region may be 30% - DTEK

14:14 27 October Kyiv, Ukraine

In Kyiv, blackouts will be longer and will affect a much larger number of consumers due to a 30% shortage of electricity due to the attacks of the invaders.

This was reported by the press service of the electricity supplier from the DTEK group Yasno.
"The damage is serious. Therefore, we have a sharp deterioration in the situation with energy supply. The shortage of electricity in Kyiv may be 30%," the company said.
Kyiv normally consumes 1,000-1,200 MW, but now the estimated available capacity is 600-800 MW, power provider explains.
"That is, almost half of Kyiv may be left without electricity," the power engineers added.
In order to prevent a complete blackout, distribution system operators will limit electricity consumption on the instructions of Ukrenergo. At the same time, outages will be longer and will affect a much larger number of consumers. Schedules of probable stabilization shutdowns are not relevant now.

The Kyiv City State Administration also added that tougher and longer power outages will be applied within a few days.