What became the main goal for Russia in the Donbas - British intelligence

10:31 14 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Last week, Russia's priority was to reorient units to reinforce southern Ukraine. However, in the Donbas, Russian-backed forces, mostly DPR fighters, continue to attempt attacks north of Donetsk.

This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

“Especially fierce fighting took place outside the village of Peski, near the Donetsk airport. The settlement is likely to remain controversial. The area has been on the front line of Donbass control since 2014," the statement said.

British intelligence believes that the new goal of the Russian invaders is to capture the M04 highway, the main approach to Donetsk from western Ukraine.

Recall that earlier in British intelligence they said that the Russian Federation undermined confidence in the country's military potential due to failures in the war in Ukraine.

In addition, Russia has created a large formation of ground forces to continue the war in Ukraine.