What can happen to the Crimean bridge on the territory of Ukraine - Arestovich

10:44 17 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Crimean bridge was illegally built by Russia in the territorial waters of Ukraine, that is, on Ukrainian territory. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, stated this in an interview with Feigin, commenting on Ukraine's promise to Western partners not to hit Russia with weapons provided by the United States and Europe.

On the Crimean bridge, Arestovich explained, this restriction does not apply.

"Don't hit the Russian Federation? So let's not hit. We have enough targets on the territory of Ukraine. The first part of the Crimean bridge passes through the territorial waters of Ukraine. This is our territory," he said.

Arestovich added that with the Crimean bridge "all sorts of troubles can happen."

"This is an illegal structure built in the territorial waters of Ukraine. Boyko's towers were illegally seized. What happened to them? The same fate awaits the Crimean bridge."

Остров Тузла территориально относится к Крыму

Earlier, the GUR said that military installations in the occupied Crimea and ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are among the targets of Ukraine that need to be hit by American multiple launch rocket systems.