The number of prisoners in the colonies of the Russian Federation has decreased by a record: prisoners have gone to war

11:47 19 November Kyiv, Ukraine

In the men's colonies of the Russian Federation during the first two months of autumn, the number of prisoners decreased by a record 23 thousand people. This change occurred against the backdrop of the recruitment of Wagner PMCs and the sending of prisoners to the war in Ukraine. On Friday, November 18, Mediazona reports with reference to the data of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that there have not been such sharp jumps since 2010: even the most massive amnesty in recent years released a smaller number of Russians in such a short time.

Mediazona notes that according to the Federal Penitentiary Service, at the beginning of August, almost 349 thousand people were kept in correctional colonies.. However, by the end of October their number dropped sharply.

"In total, more than 23,000 prisoners disappeared from the colonies in two months," the article says.

The reduction in the prison population is taking place against the background of the recruitment of prisoners to participate in the war in the detachments of the Wagner PMC, whose founder Yevgeny Prigozhin promises the convicts freedom in exchange for participation in the war against Ukraine.

It is reported that the number of 23 thousand missing prisoners generally coincides with the assessment of the founder of "Rus" Olga Romanova, who is in prison: according to her calculations, by the end of October the number of Wagner PMCs recruited exceeded 20 thousand, and by mid-November - over 30 thousand.

Recall that in September a video appeared showing Prigozhin recruiting prisoners for the war in Ukraine.