Will not end war in Ukraine quickly - Johnson

15:49 29 June Kyiv, Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the end of the war on the territory of Ukraine should not be expected in the near future.

The lack of optimism on this issue, the British Prime Minister said in an interview with the German edition of ZDF after the G7 summit.
"Of course everyone wants the war to end. They desperately want the war to end. But no agreement is possible.. Putin is not proposing a peace deal. Zelensky cannot offer an agreement," he said.
The leader of the British government said that the G7 partners agreed that they should help the President of Ukraine to hold out and strengthen the position of the country.
"The goal of the G7 is to help Zelensky get a better position for him if negotiations with Russia ever take place. For now, such a strategy," Johnson said.
He added that the leaders of the G7 are ready to provide Ukraine with guarantees regarding the future, including that it "will receive NATO weapons, intelligence data and so on."