British intelligence assessed the use by Russians of the Airborne Forces in the Donbass

14:02 12 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian commanders redeployed to the Donbass and southern Ukraine are trying to use the airborne troops (VDV) more in line with their role as an elite rapid reaction force.
This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to British intelligence data.
“Since the beginning of January 2023, Russia has almost certainly committed units of the 76th Guards Airborne Division of the Airborne Forces (airborne troops) to reinforce the front line near Kremennaya after assessing this sector as very vulnerable,” British intelligence said in a statement. .
By November 2022. Russia has allocated almost all of the deployed forces of the VDF for long-term ground maintenance along the front line in the Kherson region, British intelligence officers say.

For the past two days, fierce battles have been going on both around the city of Soledar, Donetsk region, and on the outskirts of Kremennaya, Lugansk region, British intelligence noted.