Britain supplies Ukraine with the latest Brimstone 2 laser-guided missiles

08:57 22 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The UK Air Force has handed over the latest version of the Brimstone 2 laser-guided missiles to Ukrainian forces, with a range nearly double that of the previous model.

It is reported by The Telegraph.
A video released last month by the British Armed Forces Broadcasting Service showed a more advanced version being prepared for transport from RAF Brize Norton Base in Oxfordshire .
According to the publication, at the same time, Ukrainian troops modified the trucks to be used as mobile launch platforms to destroy Russian tanks and other equipment from a long distance.. Usually these missiles are launched from the air.
"The missiles, which cost about £175,000 each, can engage targets by tracking a laser fired by troops, aircraft or vehicles, or select their own target from a pre-programmed list using a high-frequency millimeter-wave radar," writes The Telegraph.
This system allows the weapon to scan the battlefield and select the most suitable target, excluding civilian vehicles or less important military vehicles.. When guided by a laser fired by friendly troops, the Brimstone can be used in populated areas with great accuracy, limiting potential collateral damage to civilians.

The first version of the Brimstone entered service with the RAF in 2005.. In 2008, it was upgraded to use laser guidance. Brimstone 2, the next improved model, entered service in 2016.

With a jet-launched range of around 60 kilometers and a 6.3 kilogram warhead, the Brimstone 2 is designed primarily to engage ground targets, including moving vehicles. At the same time, a naval version of the weapon was also developed, designed to take out fast attack ships such as speedboats.

The missiles, along with similar anti-tank weapons sent by Ukraine's other Western allies, were to play a central role in deterring Moscow's military offensive in recent months.