Britain sent a batch of demining equipment to Ukraine

10:16 30 December Kyiv, Ukraine

UK donates over 1,000 VALLON metal detectors and 100 bomb disposal kits to Ukraine. This was reported on the website of the British government on Friday, December 30.

It is indicated that these deliveries are the latest in a continuous supply of support that the UK has provided to Ukraine throughout 2022, but it will continue into 2023.
Russia's use of anti-personnel mines and targeting of civilian infrastructure highlights the shocking brutality of Putin's invasion. This latest UK support package will help Ukraine safely clear land and buildings as it retakes its rightful territory," Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said.
It is reported that VALLON will help the Armed Forces overcome minefields and clear safe routes on roads and trails.. It can also help ensure that civilian infrastructure and homes are cleared of explosives, allowing people to safely return to their homes.

And bomb disposal kits are designed to neutralize the fuse from unexploded Russian bombs, ammunition and improvised explosive devices. The anti-explosives equipment is one of the latest in a wide range of equipment that Britain has donated to Ukraine to support the fight against Russia's illegal incursion.