Blinken: the aggressor can initiate a fake peace with Ukraine

18:44 06 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Moscow may make a fake peace with Ukraine if its current plans fail. The Russians can prepare for a new offensive.

This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, according to the US State Department.

He believes that Russia's war against Ukraine "will almost certainly end in negotiations". However, it is important to achieve a just, not a fake peace, which an aggressor country can resort to.

According to him, this scenario is possible if Russia's plans to force the Ukrainian people to give up fail.
“You can imagine that the Russians will try to find a way out that would be a fake way out, by which I mean: oh, let's cease fire, let's just freeze everything in place, have a frozen conflict, never negotiate over the territory they have taken. and continue to hold; rest, re-equip, regroup, attack again," Blinken explained.