Belgium will give Ukraine underwater drones and mobile laboratories

12:15 26 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Belgian Council of Ministers approved a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. It will include 10 underwater drones and two mobile laboratories, the Le Soir newspaper reported the day before, citing Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder.

"These drones make it possible to detect all underwater threats: both mines and spy equipment. These are new high technologies that will be of great help to them (Ukrainians). The Belgian army already has these devices. They will all be delivered to Ukraine by the end of May in several stages," the minister said.

Also, Belgium will provide the Ukrainian military with mobile laboratories that can be "deployed near the site of a chemical, bacteriological, radiological or nuclear incident."

The minister added that these laboratories could also be deployed in disaster areas where hospitals and maternity hospitals have been destroyed.

In addition, according to Dedonder, the Belgian military will begin training Ukrainian recruits in 18 different combat training courses. About 100 instructors will join the European military assistance mission to Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine).

Earlier, the media reported that Belgium sent Ukraine mortars and a large batch of trucks.

In addition, Ukraine bought M109 howitzers from the Belgian private company OIP Land.