Belarus transports military equipment under the borders of Ukraine

17:11 02 June Kyiv, Ukraine

In Belarus, more than 50 units of military equipment are transported from Grodno to the Brest region.

This was reported on June 2 by the Belarusian Hajun project.

On June 1, military equipment was loaded at the railway stations of Korobchitsy and Svisloch in the Grodno region. The equipment included 37 infantry fighting vehicles, two Ural trucks, a BRDM-2, a BTS-4 tractor, five Osa missile systems, and two bases for the Osa missile system covered with tarpaulin.

The equipment belongs to the Armed Forces of Belarus, many vehicles have red squares.

The message says that at about 08:00 this train left Grodno, at 10:00 it was noticed in Baranovichi and Lesnoy. After 40 minutes, he was seen near Domanovo (Ivatsevichi district), and at 11:00 - in Ivatsevichi, he was moving towards Brest. Part of this equipment, loaded onto the train, has been in Khoiniki since May 7th.

According to the Belarusian Gayun, it was previously used to strengthen the border with Ukraine in the Gomel region. Another part, a smaller one, was used to strengthen the border with Poland, and now it is being taken towards Brest.