Australia will soon transfer 300 DefendTex D40 loitering ammunition to Ukraine

20:32 19 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Australia will soon hand over 300 DefendTex D40 kamikaze drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Test specimens have already been delivered to Poland, where they will be tested. After the tests, Australia will send the entire batch of ammunition to Ukraine.
DefendTex D40 can destroy not only enemy personnel, but even tanks. The test video appeared on the Australian channel
It is reported that loitering ammunition can be launched using a 40-mm grenade launcher or manually. A flight range of 20 kilometers is provided. The take-off weight of ammunition is approximately 300 grams.

What is Defendex?
Note that DefendTex is an Australian arms company that serves the military and law enforcement agencies around the world.. The company is engaged in the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles, bulletproof vests, chemical protection equipment, as well as products from the energy sector.

It should be noted that the command of the Air Assault Forces spoke about the visit of the Australian Senator of Parliament David Wang. The politician visited the location of one of the units of the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of performance of tasks, talked with the command and checked the work of the Australian armored vehicles "Bushmaster" that entered the units of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of international technical assistance.