ISW analysts predict Russians will be forced to slow down shelling on Ukraine

10:56 16 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Zelensky reiterated that Ukraine would negotiate with Russia if the Kremlin completely withdraws its troops from Ukraine, restores Ukraine's territorial integrity and enforces punishment for war crimes, among other provisions on nuclear, energy and food security.

Analysts say the Kremlin likely deliberately planned a massive missile campaign into Ukraine on the eve of Zelensky's speech at the G20 summit, given that a multi-pronged missile campaign requires significant military preparation.

After all, the Kremlin’s official narrative around the G20 summit further confirms Russia’s disinterest in the prospect of peace talks with Ukraine.

The institute also notes that Russians are increasingly turning to various social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction with the problems of mobilization - a phenomenon that has all the prerequisites to ignite organized online movements in Russia.