Frosts are coming to Ukraine, but in some places it will remain warm - weather forecast

09:50 07 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The weather on the Christmas weekend will surprise Ukrainians with its diversity. While frosts will come to the eastern regions, the western regions will still enjoy warmth that is not inherent in winter, data from show.

What will the weather be like on Saturday, January 7th?

On Saturday, January 7, when Ukrainians celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, it will be warmest in the regions in the west of the country - up to + 3 ... + 5 ° С. In the south, in the Crimea, as well as in Volyn, the thermometer will stay near 0 ° C. The weather will be cloudy throughout the day with occasional snow showers.

Residents of other Ukrainian regions will feel the frosty breath of winter . In the central and south-eastern regions, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, it is expected to be -3 ... -6 ° С, in Donetsk and Chernihiv regions - -8 ... -10 ° С, Luhansk, Sumy and Kharkov - -11 ... -13°C. Forecasters do not predict precipitation in these areas. The day will be cloudy with clearings.

In Kiev on January 7 it will be clear, without precipitation. The temperature will be from 3° to 6° below zero.

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What to expect from the weather on Sunday, January 8

You should not expect any special surprises from the weather on Sunday. The warmest on January 8 will be in the Transcarpathian region, the air temperature there will warm up to + 5 ... + 7 ° С. In the rest of the western regions, weather forecasters expect + 2 ... + 4 ° С, in the Crimea and the Odessa region - about 0 ° С.

A cold snap will come to the Nikolaev and Kherson regions - the temperature there will not rise above -3 ... -4°C. In the center and east of the country, the thermometers will drop to -4... -6°С, in Vinnitsa, Kirovohrad and Zhytomyr regions — to -5...-6°С, in Chernihiv — to -7°С. It will be coldest in Sumy, Donetsk and Lugansk regions - down to -10°C.

Sunday for Ukrainians will be cloudy, although without precipitation. It may snow a little in the Vinnytsia region.

Cloudy weather is expected in Kiev on January 8 with clearings from 2° to 6° below zero.