Cyclone Frieda is coming to Ukraine: there will be squalls and showers in western Ukraine

08:33 31 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrhydrometeorological center predicts hot weather in Ukraine today, July 31. However, in the west, you need to be prepared for rain with thunderstorms and squalls.

According to weather forecasters, thunderstorms are predicted in all western regions, as well as in Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr and Rivne regions. In this case, precipitation may be accompanied by heavy winds.

The rest of our country will have dry weather. The wind is predominantly northeast, with gusts up to a maximum of 12 m/s.

The air temperature will be:

  • in the northern regions at night +14 +18, in the daytime +27 +30 degrees;
  • in the west at night +15 +18 degrees, and in the daytime +20 +23;
  • in the eastern regions at night +14 +16, in the daytime +28 +30 degrees;
  • in the south of the country at night +17 +21 degrees, and in the daytime +29 +33;
  • in the central regions at night +14 +17, in the daytime +27 +31 degrees.

It turns out that Cyclone Frieda will cause rainfall in the western regions. Well-known weather forecaster Natalya Didenko wrote about this on Facebook.

"Severe rain will be combined with thunderstorms, sometimes even hail and squalls. In the Carpathians, the rains will even be dangerous because of the power, because they can provoke mudflows in some places and raise the water level in the rivers! Be careful! And residents of western cities should avoid old trees, billboards, choose car parking spaces very carefully, because downpours are downpours, and city drains may not be able to cope with such an amount of heavenly moisture," Didenko warned.

Let's remind, earlier forecasters gave the weather forecast for August. According to them, the last month of summer will be warmer than usual. Rainfall is expected to be within normal limits.