Payments of the Pension Fund of Ukraine will increase by UAH 12.6 billion

11:46 03 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers has made changes to the budget of the Pension Fund for 2022. As a result, the revenue and expenditure parts of the budget increased by 12.6 billion hryvnia, the PFU press service reported the day before.

It is indicated that this year these funds will be used to pay housing subsidies and benefits for housing and communal services, the purchase of solid and liquid heating household fuel and liquefied gas.

The Pension Fund assured that its budget for this year is balanced.

Earlier it was reported that the budget of the Pension Year for the current year will be more than 594 billion hryvnias, the income of the fund itself will be more than 386 billion hryvnias.

Also on the eve it became known that the PFU started financing increased pensions for December.