For the first time in history, Ukraine will present its pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference

10:08 07 November Kyiv, Ukraine

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 Ukraine will be represented by its own pavilion. Previously, Ukraine participated in it, but did not present its own pavilion.
The pavilion consists of three semantic blocks. In the center - an installation in the form of a funnel from a shell, similar to the fertile Ukrainian lands now dotted. Inside the funnel there are more than five hundred cubes with sixteen types of Ukrainian soils as a reminder of the great potential of Ukraine
and its importance for world food stability.
Thematically, the pavilion is divided into two blocks - the consequences of the war for the climate and the vision of the future of Ukraine as one of the guarantor states and participants in the UN climate goals.

The purpose of the pavilion is to show the destructive effect of war on the whole world and enlist support for the revival of the country.. In particular, they want to introduce the Green Grain Routes initiative, which raises questions about the global threat to the food security of the world, as well as building partnerships at every stage of the grain supply chain.

On November 7, the pavilion will be presented, and on November 8, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will address the participants.

The pavilion will be open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. The conference will run until November 18, 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.