Another bridge has been restored. Traffic on the highway Kyiv-Kharkov resumed

13:01 25 December Kyiv, Ukraine

A bridge over the Trubezh River, which was destroyed during the occupation, was restored on the Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky highway, the Ministry of Infrastructure reported.

The bridge has been reopened to full traffic. The Zalesye-Zavorichi highway, on which the bridge is located, connects Kyiv with the Poltava region and Kharkov.

It is noted that since February 24, 24 artificial structures on roads of national importance have been destroyed in the Kyiv region.

Earlier it was reported that the bridge across the Desenka was repaired in Kyiv.

And in the Kherson region, the restoration of the crossing over the Ingulets is being completed. The plans include a full-fledged restoration of the bridge blown up by the invaders, but for now the crossing is being restored.