The military of the Russian Federation are changing tactics

17:04 23 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence expects that after the replacement of the commander of the joint group of Russian occupiers in Ukraine with Valery Gerasimov, the Russians will change tactics.

As the deputy head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Vadym Skibitsky noted in an interview with Ukrinform, the "handwriting" of the new head of the occupation forces is already being felt.
“In such a short period of time, it is still difficult to say how much the tactics have changed, but we know for sure that there will be changes. We see how their airborne units are now moving, where they are regrouping. This is Gerasimov’s signature. Why? Because at the beginning of the full-scale aggression, we clearly knew that in all directions in the second echelon, in fact, there were paratroopers in the strategic reserve, and in the attack on Kyiv they generally carried out the main task. We expect that now there will be more active use of airborne troops. ... First of all, due to the fact that under the command of Gerasimov, the airborne troops of Russia in the first six months of the big war in Ukraine were almost half knocked out. And these are elite troops - the 76th division, the 106th, the 98th ... By the way, the latter was transferred from the Kherson direction to others, more important in their opinion, "says Skibitsky.
In addition, the deputy head of Ukrainian intelligence warned that the Russians began to more realistically assess our power, draw conclusions and adjust their tactics.
"In February, they entered in columns without any cover, without an organized air defense system, and we destroyed everything that went to Kyiv, right in the columns. Now they realized that no one here would meet them with flowers. The more we fight, the more they draw conclusions. They are now building a clearer control system along the entire front line, we can clearly see this.. They change the tactics of using their units. If a year ago they were BTGr, battalion-tactical groups, now they have returned to the classical scheme - brigade, regiment, battalion. They began to create assault squads, numbering 140-160 people. Such detachments include mechanized units, tanks, artillery, mortars, anti-tank weapons - in order to break through in certain areas precisely thanks to assault actions, "says the major general.

Skibitsky also emphasizes that now the invaders are trying to storm with powerful artillery strikes, as well as attack with missiles in such a way as to bypass the Ukrainian air defense.
"And also the Wagner tactics, which were used first in Bakhmut, then in Soledar. They are trying to conduct assault operations by delivering powerful artillery strikes in order to completely destroy our defense positions. And this is wave after wave coming, despite the colossal human the loss they bear. They make certain changes in the use of cruise missiles. Every time you see it, other launch lines are chosen, other aviation flight routes. They try to bypass our air defense, they know in which directions it is strong, in which it is not very. These are all real examples of what an adversary is learning. The longer the fighting lasts, the more experience the enemy gains. And the threat is that their current mobilized people are already different from those who came to our territory in October,” emphasizes the deputy head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.