It is impossible to resume the work of some damaged substations in Zhytomyr - mayor

15:34 07 November Kyiv, Ukraine

As a result of enemy shelling in Zhytomyr, the work of some substations cannot be restored. The mayor of Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlin spoke about this on the air of the telethon.

At the same time, the mayor assured that Zhytomyr was coping with the current situation.
"The work of some substations cannot be restored in such a time, because we are talking about equipment that needs to be ordered and it takes a very long time to wait for production. But Zhytomyr lives. We have reduced the production of electric vehicles by three times. We turn on the lighting in the city only at 30% of the power, i.e. in principle, every third lamp works. The regional energy companies and I clearly regulate the evening and morning peaks. For example, we reduce the water supply to wastewater treatment plants during the daytime in order to reduce energy consumption, and start it up after the peaks pass. in the city," Sukhomlin said.
According to the mayor, part of the industrial enterprises of the city, which consume a lot of electricity, switched to work at night and on weekends.. Stabilization shutdowns are also used in residential buildings, but only for a few hours and on schedule.
"At an extraordinary session, we allocated funds for the purchase of high-capacity generators in order to ensure the operation of the water utility and heating and communal services. In the event of a critical situation, when there may be no electricity in the city for some time, these enterprises will be able to supply water and heat to the houses of Zhytomyr. Of course, not around the clock, but 5-8 hours a day," Sukhomlin added.

The mayor also noted that in case of an emergency, schools and kindergartens of the city will work as heating points.. In Zhytomyr, it is planned to equip 36 such points, each of which will be provided with a generator.