UNESCO concerned about damage to cultural sites in Ukraine

08:57 27 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The UN agency for culture, UNESCO, said that 207 cultural sites in Ukraine were damaged as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.. On Wednesday, October 26, the news channel AlJazeera reports.

Among them: 88 religious sites, 15 museums, 76 buildings of historical and/or artistic interest, 18 monuments and 10 libraries.

"We came to the conclusion that the situation is bad. It could get even worse," UNESCO Director for Culture and Emergencies Krista Pikkat said at a press conference in Geneva.

She added that at this time during the war, none of the seven world heritage sites that are located on the territory of Ukraine was not damaged.

UNESCO draws its conclusions based on data from the UNOSAT UN Satellite Center.

"Based on reports from the field, UNESCO sends a list of potentially damaged sites to UNOSAT. It then requests satellite images from commercial vendors, and a small team of experts examines the difference between before and after photographs.". The team matches the images and can then indicate the time window in which the damage occurred," explained Krista Pikkat.

She added that UNESCO discussed with Kyiv the possibility of exporting cultural heritage objects from the country during the war.

Earlier, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko said that he was forced to turn to UNESCO for help in order to assist in the preservation of museum props and exhibits in Ukraine.