Zaporizhia NPP power supply resumed in Ukraine

17:29 24 November Kyiv, Ukraine

As a result of frequency reduction in the power system, emergency protection occurred at three nuclear power plants.

Start-up operations are being carried out at the power units of the Rivne, South-Ukrainian and Khmelnytsky NPPs.

This was stated in Energoatom.

It is noted that on November 23, as a result of a decrease in the frequency in the power system due to damage to the energy infrastructure, emergency protection was triggered at the Rivne, South Ukrainian and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plants.. All power units of these stations are automatically disconnected from the power grid.
"The temporarily occupied Zaporozhye NPP, which has not been operating since September of this year, has switched to a complete blackout mode with the launch of all diesel generators. Thus, for the first time in the 40-year history of Ukrainian nuclear energy, all nuclear power units were turned off," the state-owned company explained.
Such a situation is provided for by the regulations for the operation of nuclear power plants, which are equipped with reliable security systems, and the personnel have the necessary level of qualification and knowledge for prompt response.

However, this should not be comforting.. After all, there is a real danger of a nuclear and radiation catastrophe, carrying shelling of the entire territory of Ukraine with Russian cruise and ballistic missiles, and a huge risk of destroying nuclear power plants," the statement says.

As of 12:17, Zaporozhye NPP received its own power supply from the energy system of Ukraine. All diesel generators are switched off and transferred to alternation.

At the same time, start-up operations are being carried out at the power units of the Rivne, South Ukrainian and Khmelnytsky NPPs.
"During the day, when the power system is ready, the blocks of these stations will be connected to the power grid, the supply of electricity for the needs of our citizens and the country's economy will be resumed," the company concluded.