In Ukraine, the use of plastic bags has decreased

08:54 26 January Kyiv, Ukraine

During the year of the government's decision to establish minimum retail prices for plastic bags, Ukrainians have reduced their purchases from 40% to 90%. At the same time, the consumption of biodegradable bags has more than doubled.

This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Denis Kudin based on the analysis of information provided by the Association of Retailers of Ukraine.
"The decision of the government, which set the minimum retail prices for plastic bags, gave a significant result over the year - Ukrainians reduced the purchase of such bags from 40% to 90%, depending on their types.. And increasingly, they use biodegradable ones that do not pollute the environment. In particular, in some supermarket chains, sales of biodegradable bags increased by 13-15 times in 2022," Kudin said.
According to him, the decrease in sales of plastic bags occurred in the face of rising prices for their purchase, which contributed to the creation of the necessary economic guarantees for manufacturers of plastic bags.

And also - stimulated these manufacturers to modernize production and technological processes and develop the production of biodegradable plastic bags, and ultimately led to an increase in their sales.