Ukraine has created a joint network of bank branches in case of a blackout

11:58 26 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Under the leadership of the NBU and systemically important banks, a joint network of a thousand branches has been created that will work in the event of long blackouts.

This was reported by the press service of the National Bank.

At the initiative of the NBU, systemically important banks united to create a joint banking network called POWER BANKING. Branches included in it will work and provide banking services to customers even in a critical situation during the blackout.

Branches of the general network are provided with alternative energy sources and backup communication channels, have enhanced cash collection and additional staff.

Now the network unites all 14 systemically important banks, whose branches have become the basis of this network, and attracts other participants in the banking market. Now more than 1,000 branches in all regions of the country are additionally equipped to work during the blackout. About 80% of them are branches of systemically important banks.

During the blackout, the network branches will have the opportunity to receive cash from ATMs or at the cash desk, make payments or transfer funds, exchange currency and get advice from financial managers.

In addition, ATM national roaming has been introduced in the branches of the POWER BANKING network. Thanks to this, Ukrainians will be able to "withdraw an increased amount of cash sufficient to meet current needs and form a certain reserve" at an ATM of any bank in the network.