Online scammers have become more active in Ukraine

16:22 31 August Kyiv, Ukraine

In Ukraine, online scammers have become more active, promising cash payments and swindling bank card details of Ukrainians.

It is reported by the State Service for Communications.

Fraudsters promise "compensation" and "financial assistance" - for example, from allegedly the UN, the European Court of Human Rights, the Red Cross, while they say that the payments are made "at the expense of the confiscated assets of the Russian Federation."

On social networks, cyber scammers distribute ads and ask to follow a link that leads to a phishing page of the so-called “Unified Compensation Center for the return of unpaid funds”. They ask you to enter your bank card details in order to allegedly receive a payment, but after that you can be left without money. .

Ukrainians are asked not to trust information from unverified sources, but to learn about the payment of benefits and compensations from the official websites of state bodies, to clarify information by calling the official phone number of the state body or during a personal visit.

In addition, the State Special Communications Service calls for:
  • never enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites;
  • if the payment card details are erroneously entered on a fraudulent website, you should immediately block the card using a mobile application, a bank hotline or through Internet banking.
The list of fraudulent pages is on the CERT-UA website.