In the event of a complete shutdown of power supply in Kyiv, evacuation is possible - NYT

09:14 06 November Kyiv, Ukraine

In Kyiv, a total evacuation is planned in the event of a complete power outage. To do this, 3 million people will need to be taken out of the city. It is reported by The New York Times.

The city authorities have been warned that there will be a notification of at least 12 hours in advance of a critical situation in the power grid, that is, that the network is on the verge of shutting down.

According to the publication, referring to the words of the head of the department of municipal security of the Kyiv City State Administration Roman Tkachuk, if it really comes to this, then the city will be evacuated.

"We understand that if Russia continues such attacks, we may lose the entire power supply system.. If there is no electricity, there will be no water and sewerage. Therefore, now the government and the city administration are taking all possible measures to protect our power supply system," Tkachuk quoted the NYT.

But for now, Tkachuk stressed that at this stage the situation is under control and there are no reasons for mass evacuation.

Recall that the authorities of Kyiv do not exclude that the capital as a result of attacks by the invaders may be left without water, light and communications.