In the event of active hostilities in Kyiv, food products will be distributed free of charge

12:55 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In Kyiv, approved the procedure for gratuitous provision of the population with long-term storage products in the event of active hostilities in the city. The corresponding order is published on the website of the KSCA.

According to the document, the population of the city (in particular, immigrants) should be provided with food for free if people cannot buy them themselves due to active fighting or blocking the city.

These products must be purchased by the KSCA at the expense of funds from the state budget.

The humanitarian headquarters of Kyiv will transfer the products to the district administrations, and they, in turn, will determine the distribution points.

To receive products, you will need to contact the TsNAP and apply for the following documents:
  • the passport;
  • identification code;
  • IDP certificate (for IDPs).
After reviewing the documents, the representative of the TsNAP will issue a coupon for products and inform where they can be obtained.