In Prague, they proposed to disconnect the Russian embassy from water and electricity

08:03 30 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Gift for Putin initiative has published a petition proposing to turn off the power to buildings that belong to the Russian embassy.

On Tuesday, November 29, the Czech edition Novinky reports.
"We want the electricity and water suppliers to turn off all the buildings in Prague that belong to the Russian Federation. Let them also freeze after dark, like, for example, the people of Kiev,” the petition says.

Its authors pointed out that this initiative is a response to the systemic destruction of Ukraine's energy infrastructure by Russian occupiers.
"Russia clearly decided to break Ukraine with darkness and frost. As the highest moral principle, we ask the relevant public and private energy distribution companies to give Russian diplomats in Prague a taste of their own medicines.. We demand that all buildings belonging to the Russian Federation be disconnected from gas, water and electricity," the petition reads.

The Gift for Putin project aims to support Ukraine, which has resisted a full-scale Russian invasion since February. It started as an online store that allows anyone to put in a basket and pay with a card for completely unusual goods: cartridges, artillery shells, machine guns, night vision devices, mortars, bulletproof vests, rockets, and even heavy equipment. The collected money goes to the account of the Ukrainian embassy in Prague, which, based on the urgent needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, purchases the required weapons or other military materials from the Czech Republic.