In Pereyaslavl, the myth of the eternal friendship between Russia and Ukraine was destroyed

11:23 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Today, July 7, in Pereyaslav, a monument to the "reunification" of Ukraine with Russia was dismantled.

This was reported by the head of the Pereyaslav community Vyacheslav Saulko on Facebook.
"Today Pereyaslavtsy finally destroyed the Soviet myth of eternal friendship with Russia - this morning the monument dedicated to the 300th anniversary of reunification officially goes down in history. We have safely dismantled it and will move it to a safe place of storage.
According to the head of the community, the demolition of the monument was postponed because they were waiting for a final decision from the Ministry of Culture, because the sculpture was in the State Register of Immovable Monuments.

Saulko also noted that at the beginning of the war he did not know how to act correctly and was worried that the Russians, who at that time were physically in the Kyiv region, could commit sabotage if they knew that the authorities were demolishing this monument. Therefore, according to him, officials "deliberately paused."
“Today we clearly declare that Pereyaslav was and is Ukrainian… By demolishing the monument, we give a clear answer to the invaders – they are not welcome in Pereyaslav,” Saulko said.
After Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine on February 24, the authorities of Ukrainian cities and towns decided to dismantle monuments and rename streets whose names are associated with the Russian Federation.

In particular, de-Russification has already started in Mukachevo. A bust of Pushkin and a Soviet T-34 tank were dismantled there.

In the city of Ternopil, a monument to Pushkin was also removed.

In Uzhgorod, activists dismantled a memorial plate erected for the 300th anniversary of the "reunification" of Ukraine and Russia.

In the center of Kyiv, the monument under the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, erected in 1981 as a symbol of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia, was removed. And in Korosten there is a Soviet monument to Komsomol members.