The MES told what works in Russian will be left in the school curriculum

17:53 04 August Kyiv, Ukraine

It was decided to revise the literature for study in educational institutions as much as possible in connection with the Russian armed aggression on the territory of Ukraine.
Yuriy Kononenko, head of the main department of general secondary and preschool education of the Ministry of Education and Science, tells what decision was made at the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine.

According to him, in the updated school curriculum on the subject of "Foreign Literature" they will continue to study those Russian writers whose work is "closely" connected with Ukraine.. That is, these can be authors who were born in Ukraine or lived in Ukraine for a long time, or wrote about Ukraine in their works, reflecting Ukrainian themes.
As a brief example, Kononenko cited the de facto Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol, whose work to a certain extent influenced Ukrainian culture, as well as Vladimir Korolenko, Mikhail Bulgakov and his work "Heart of a Dog", Anatoly Kuznetsov and his documentary novel "Babi Yar", Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs".
MES started working on updating some curricula during the late spring and summer of this year. First of all, we are talking about "History of Ukraine", "World History", "Geography", "Foreign Literature", "Defense of Ukraine" and other subjects.
The changes should be adopted in the near future so that from September 1, 2022, children study according to the new program.