In Mariupol, the Russians announced the opening of 16 schools: 4 of them have bare walls, and one has no roof

11:05 30 August Kyiv, Ukraine

On the eve of September 1, in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the Russians announced the opening of 16 schools, apparently after repairs. However, at least four of them have bare walls, and one does not even have a roof.

This was announced by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.
"True, the number of schools does not correspond to the number of social infrastructure facilities announced by the head of Pushilin. He claims that a total of 16 facilities will be repaired in the fall. And according to Gauleiter Ivashchenko, there are at least 40 such facilities (16 schools, 16 institutions of secondary specialized education, three hospitals and some offices). So, clearly the picture "Listen", - Andryushchenko wrote.
According to him, schools No. 27, 38, 53 and 64 are at the "bare walls" stage. And there is no roof in educational institution No. 38.
“But this does not stop the occupiers from loud announcements. Of course, there is enough cynicism to drive children into destroyed schools for the sake of a propaganda picture. But the reality is always different,” said the mayor’s adviser.
As of August 30, 26 schools were completely destroyed and 257 schools were damaged in the Donetsk region.