In Mariupol, first-graders are forced to learn the Russian anthem

11:17 13 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In Mariupol schools, teachers tell first-graders that they are “part of Russia” and that Ukrainians are “a nation invented by the Nazis.”

This was reported by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.
"Mariupol. Brainwashing of children has started. Teachers tell first-graders that they are part of Russia. The home task is to study the Russian anthem," he said.
Andryushchenko drew attention to Russian textbooks published for children, which say that "Ukrainians do not exist in Russia."
“Especially talented collaborators are already telling first-graders that Ukrainians are a nation fictional by the Nazis. Therefore, when it comes to 15 years in prison for betraying teachers, this is quite an adequate punishment for crippled children's souls," the mayor's adviser emphasized.