In Kyiv, a girl in an elevator went into labor

08:08 30 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The capital's rescuers had to get a woman in labor out of a blocked elevator of a high-rise building in one of the residential areas of Kyiv.

This was announced on Tuesday, November 29, in the main department of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv.

The elevator stopped between the fifth and sixth floors of a nine-story building on Simirenko Street.

Inside was a pregnant woman who went into labor.

Rescuers immediately went to the scene and freed the woman from the elevator. After that, they handed over to the doctors to take her to the hospital.

It should be noted that the Kyiv City State Administration advises not to use elevators during planned power outages - it is worth avoiding trips 30 minutes before the predicted outage. At the same time, they note that there are also emergency power outages in Kyiv.