What country do workaholics live in - an unexpected message from Bloomberg

10:56 21 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The greatest workaholics among the heads of companies and organizations are the French. On Friday, January 20, writes Bloomberg, citing a study by health insurer Bupa Global.

"Four out of ten French business executives admitted to working intensively and for long periods without regular breaks," the study says.

It turned out that it was the French who showed the greatest concern about the results of their work.. Although until recently, world rankings called the French lazy, the pandemic and the economic challenges that followed have changed their approach to work.

The authors of the study argue that French residents are becoming workaholics because of their own concerns about the ability of their organizations to withstand the current economic instability, along with the reluctance of employees to work remotely.

"This combination of external economic pressure and a proclivity to take charge may have resulted in French executives being the hardest working," said Anthony Cabrelli, managing director of Bupa Globa.

The publication notes that business leaders and organizations from the UAE are in second place in terms of workaholism, Egypt is in third place, followed by Hong Kong, China, Great Britain, the United States and Singapore.

Recall that the Ukrainian labor market has about nine thousand professions.