Italy has created an atlas of Ukrainian cuisine with products that may disappear

17:02 13 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The Italian University of Gastronomic Sciences has released an atlas "The Ark of Taste in Ukraine" of more than 80 types of dishes and products that may disappear. The second volume of the atlas is planned to be published soon.

So, on the verge of extinction is the lemon pear, Opishnyanskaya plum, wormwood wine, Nezhinsky cucumber and others.

The atlas also describes the dishes, their history, the method of preparation and the place in Ukraine where they were usually cooked.

The list also includes animals, fish and insects that eat foods on the verge of extinction.. These are Carpathian honey bees, white-headed Ukrainian cows or Mirgorod gray geese.
“First, the Soviet authorities destroyed it [traditional Ukrainian food] and replaced it with their own. And then, after the collapse of the Union, we lost our food among the mass of foreign products and other people's dishes, ”added Ukrainian chef Yevhen Klopotenko in the second preface.
The Ark of Taste atlases have been created since 2017 as part of the Slow Food movement, founded in 1989. The goal is to prevent the disappearance of local food crops and counteract "fast food".