In Irpen, houses are being built using a new technology that reduces construction time by half

12:15 23 November Kyiv, Ukraine

In Irpin, for people who have lost their homes, houses are being built using innovative technology, which reduces the construction time by half, said the mayor of the city Alexander Markushin.

A construction agreement was signed with an Odessa-based enterprise that uses construction technology developed by Ukrainian engineers.
“Well-being ConTech is a technology for the rapid construction of high-quality and relatively inexpensive housing. It lies in the fact that all elements of the house are pre-produced at the factory, and then quickly assembled at the construction site.. At the same time, elements, such as walls, are carefully prepared for further use - they are insulated and all the necessary openings for communications are made, ”said Alexander Markushin.
The first building in Irpin using Well-being ConTech technology will be built free of charge. Apartments in it will be given to Irpins who have lost their homes. To simplify and reduce the cost of logistics, the company will build its own plant in our city, Markushin added.